Fantasy Casinos

Do you want to hear your people laugh?

Do you want to see their faces light up as they experience an event?

Sir Unicorn’s Fantasy Casinos, our number one product, have been a hit with groups and event planners since they were introduced. Why? They combine the excitement of high stakes gambling with themed entertainment to create pure event magic.

These are fully functioning funny money casinos. Everyone starts with $10,000, an Entry Form and a program. This delights the guests who love casinos.

But what about the rest of your group? Not everyone (us included) likes the idea of one of those “basic” casinos.

Sir Unicorn casinos also feature MYSTERIES built into every package!

Our Fantasy Casinos are interactive theater at its best: you’ll meet professional actors and actresses in full character and costume. You’ll enjoy music, hand picked to keep spirits high and toes tapping. You’ll try your luck at the tables. You’ll solve mysteries…or just kick back and enjoy the atmosphere.

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We offer four wonderful themes. Each one is completely different.

Our NUMBER ONE EVENT sends your group to Chicago when gangsters ruled the city. You’ll rub shoulders with molls and “wise guys.” You’ll untangle a mystery with webs of deceit and betrayal that touch every member of the gang.

There’s laughter, music, mystery and just a dash of danger in our Gangster Casino. So take your event back to a time when gin was aged a full hour in the bathtub before being served…and where you’d better know the password…or else.

Rip roaring entertainment: western style. Try building your gold poke at Miss Dixie’s Shootin’ Star Saloon. You’ll meet con men, saloon girls, double dealing businessmen and much more. You’ll also be challenged to find a stolen gold map that leads to the legendary Mother lode. A perfect Klondike or Western themed event.

The Shootin’ Star is an outstanding option for event planners looking to create a Klondike or Western theme. It features a delightful mystery, a heart-warming plot and the kind of characters that will make you go “awwww.”

It’s 1961, a time many call the “Golden Vegas Years.” It’s an era where the Rat Pack is ruling the Strip and money and good times flow like water.

Our VEGAS! Casino is set in a place that never was: the Oasis Hotel & Casino. Our newest Fantasy Casino allows your guests to play “Lucky Numbers” on a 6 foot screen, try their luck at the Blackjack tables — or buy tickets in the $100,000 Dream Lottery.

VEGAS! also features a perplexing mystery and a solid mix of characters and comedy that your guests will always remember.

Transport your guests to one of the legendary Mardi Gras parties in old world New Orleans. The music is vintage Zydeco…the characters crackle with the mysteries of the bayou…and the investigation centers around a murder most foul…one that occurred that very morning!

Mardi Gras! is the casino offering our most intense murder mystery experience. Your guests can enjoy gambling at the tables…or they can attempt to track down a killer by following the trail of clues that lead to a killer.